Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

The Willows Weeped

[Write about a memory inspired by either three of your own photographs or a memory sparked from a set of samples below.]

I used the photos below to inspire my short story for this week’s writing challenge. It’s written from the perspective of a man who has just lost his wife during childbirth.

Sample set by: A Tribute to Mom by Cardinal Guzman



The doctors were whispering again.

I still didn’t know why, but I had long since given up any hope of an explanation. I didn’t care though. I could feel the numbness starting in my toes and my fingertips and crawling in and up and through me. It would reach my heart soon. But I didn’t care about that either.

I stared at her, lying there limp and cold in the hospital bed. The monitors had been turned off but the beeping was ringing through my ears…

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